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Teacher Records Autistic Child Stuck In Chair


Teacher records autistic child stuck in chair and taunts him.

A 10-year old child with autism got his head and upper torso stuck in a chair at school.  Instead of trying to help the student out, the teacher videotaped it and taunted the boy.  She even asked the boy if he wanted to get “tasered.”  Also the principal is heard in the video telling the boy that the maintenance people coming to help him, don’t consider it an emergency.  The teacher has been brought up on tenure charges by the school board.  The principal resigned after being given the choice of resigning or being fired.  For up-to-date news accounts of this story, photos and to post a comment, please access the links below:

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02/27/2014 – Principal quits, teacher under fire for videotaping boy stuck in chair

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