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Teacher fired for complaints of using profanity

Jacksonville, FL teacher fired for complaints of using profanity, N-word in class.

Joyce Quiller was just recently fired by the Duval County School Board in Jacksonville, FL.  The reason she was fired is that there were too many sustained complaints about her using profanity and other derogatory language in the classroom.  Two of the incidents in question occurred in front of Quiller’s co-workers.

Quiller told district investigator Aaron Clements that in her 21 years she had never used any profanity or derogatory comment towards.  Yet records show a 2001 reprimand for profanity in the presence of students, 2013 reprimand for referring to a student’s parent as “mammy.”  Again in 2013 she was written up for profanity and derogatory language towards students.  For up-to-date news accounts of this story, photos and to post a comment, please access the links below:

Duval County Schools Message Board

03/10/2014 – Duval teacher fired for complaints about using profanity, N-word in class

The vote was unanimous to suspend her with pay and to fire her.

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