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Pretty much the title. I let administration know about it and they said handle how you see fit, and we will support you.
It’s nice to have that kind of freedom, but I kinda have no idea what to do with it. I despise cheating and am tempted to nail this kid so they learns his lesson, but I don’t wanna go overboard. What would you all suggest?

I had a similar issue with a student on a paper. I couldn’t find documentation or proof that he plagiarized but half of it was eloquent and poignantly written and the other half was almost illegible because of how badly it was done. I didn’t grade it. I wrote a note to see me after class and I accused him of cheating. I explained that some of it was too well written to go with the rest and I didn’t believe he had done the work. He wouldn’t admit to it but I told him I would not grade his paper and that I would give him another week to turn in an appropriate paper. The next week I received a paper from him that received a D because he clearly wrote the entire thing. Even though he never admitted it he got the message.

Last semester I had two students cheat on their final exam (they both turned in the exact same essay answers) and I simply gave them a zero and told them cheating wasn’t tolerated. Neither student argued with their grade as they knew they messed up.

I would tell him/her that you feel there is a discrepancy about the exam and that to receive credit they need to retake it. If they get the high score again great, I’d go with the higher of the two, if not then you know your instincts were right and you go with the lower grade and explain this was a one-time exemption that in the future if there is a question about cheating again they will receive a zero.

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