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I make movies for special occasions in my Second Grade Classroom. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for the best way to share these with the parents. I feel really hesitant about the whole “youtube” thing. I know it is anyone with a link, but that doesn’t prevent them from sharing it with other people. There just aren’t very many privacy settings.
The end of the year movie. I make a DVD, but kinda want to steer away from this as well.
Vimeo? Thoughts suggestions?
Another question: One of my students is “no media” meaning no posting them on any public internet sites, even our school webpage. Do I make one movie without and one with them? – I don’t want them to be left out, but it kinda ruins all class photo’s for the year.

1. You can set up a Facebook page for your class as a closed group and upload videos there as well as photos, keep parents up to do on what you do in class and upcoming projects to look forward to, etc. A closed group requires that a member request to join and be granted permission before viewing anything set to private in the group like photos, the wall, videos etc.

2. Dropbox – this is a fantastic tool that I use all the time to share images and videos. You create a shared folder, drag your content into it and then email the link to whomever you want to have access. This has a lot more control over privacy than even a closed group on Facebook. It also allows parents to then download the video if they want to keep it. The downside is it only gives you 2GB of data for free which can fill up fast so you may only be able to have one video up at a time.

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