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I don’t teach English 101, however my students are required to write a research paper in the course. I do a few activities with them to help with citation before they have to turn in their paper so they feel like they have some understanding of citations.

In their paper they are required to visit an art museum and write a paper on a particular artwork, researching the artist and period the artwork is from.

On the day students read about evaluating art I bring in a big stack of books from the library, each about a different artist, and they break into small groups, select an artist and one of the artworks and do their best to evaluate it with the information in the book and what they know.

They write all this down and then share it with the class. I then ask them to cite their source at the end of the sheet of paper. I have a handout ready that shows how to do the citation with a book and walk around assisting as needed to flip through the book to find the appropriate information.

They work together so if a student is too embarrassed to admit they’ve never done a works cited page before they can work with their other classmates who may have.

Another thing we do is when someone mentions a particular artist or artwork that isn’t in my lesson plan I’ll google the image and we’ll discuss it. Then we work together to pull the information necessary to city the source since it isn’t already cited in my presentation. (This works two fold – they know if they take me off track they have to do extra work so they don’t try to steer me in a different direction often, but it also helps them figure out how to cite an image they’ve googled, which many of them do with their paper) I have everyone write down the citation and hand it in as part of their participation points for the day.

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