TEACHERAFFAIRS.COM™ is online to effect positive change for teachers.  Through our Website and Message Boards we will endeavor to educate the general public on the plight of teachers, their importance, the challenges they face and the support they need.  This Website will contain the latest breaking news on teachers and will be updated daily.  If it’s positive, noteworthy and about teachers, it will be here in our Teacher News section.  The Message Boards enable teachers from anywhere in the world to educate the general public about their jobs.  It is our belief that once the public understands what teachers deal with on a daily basis, that they will better identify and sympathize with teachers.  Once this happens, we can effect change.  We also support unionization for teachers.

The Message Boards are the most powerful part of TEACHERAFFAIRS.COM™.  The key to making this work and effecting change is having Teachers, Media and the General Public involved.  Teachers post in the Message Boards about issues important to them.  The Media regularly follows content on the Message Boards and uses it as a source for news stories via print, radio and television.  The General Public, in turn, become aware of the issues from the media outlets.  Finally, the General Public applies pressure with phone calls, letters, emails and at the polls to make sure teachers are treated fairly.

Anyone is welcome to access this Website and to contribute on the Message Boards, but it was built for teachers.  We encourage the participation of Teachers, Unions, Politicians, Faculty, Students, Parents, Media and the General Public.  The Message Boards are governed by our Terms of Use and are enforced by Moderators.  This is not a slam site and postings should be professional.  At the same time we understand that teachers need the ability to talk candidly about sensitive issues without the fear of repercussion and that sometimes there might be spirited debates.  Thus, users will be allowed to post with anonymity when the need arises.  However, although you have the right to Free Speech, you are ultimately responsible for what you write.  Please post within our Terms of Use and be careful not to libel (defame) anyone.