Chip DeBlock, Co-Founder


This site was created after the incredible success of a similar site for law enforcement officers, LEOAFFAIRS.COM™. LEOAFFAIRS.COM™ is now the Largest Law Enforcement Message Board Site on the planet and one of the Largest Law Enforcement Websites of any type in the world. It has over 500 law enforcement agencies online in 18 countries and generates millions of hits per month. It’s time to duplicate for teachers (and firefighters) what we did for law enforcement officers.

TEACHERAFFAIRS.COM™ consists of a Website and Message Boards with the primary mission of supporting teachers, their rights and causes. All are welcome to access this site and to participate for free, but especially Teachers, Unions, Politicians, Faculty, Students, Parents, Media and the General Public. This Website is designed to furnish you with information, tools and important news that affects you. The Message Boards allow users to talk about issues with anonymity when necessary so there is no fear of reprisal. We do have Terms of Use which are strictly enforced, but the purpose here is to facilitate mature dialogue on important subjects and to effect change. Although we enjoy the freedom of speech, please remember that you are ultimately responsible for what you write…so please try to post within our Terms of Use. Due to today’s climate with teachers’ salaries and pensions being attacked by government entities, we expect passionate and heated debates on sometimes sensitive issues. Allowing this kind of exchange via a medium is often the only way to effect change. The content on this site will be heavily frequented by various media outlets and, if done properly, will educate the public on the issues and allow your voice to make a difference. Thanks for your support!